Our Commercial Laundry Service in Las Vegas

wash-and-fold-laundry-2We Offer Two Solutions For Commercial Laundry:

1. Flat-rate per pick up. For businesses with a consistent amount of laundry, we can set up flat rate contracts which include washing, drying, folding, and stain removal. All delivery fees are included. All flat rate services are done with a 24 or 48 hour turn around time. This is a great option for Las Vegas businesses which have a a steady customer base.

2. Pay-as-you-go Laundry Service.. For businesses which wish to save money or have fluctuating amount of laundry needs, we can set up a pay-as-you-go plan. With this service, there are no worries about overpaying for your services. This commercial laundry service can be dropped off at our facility or we can pick up and deliver your laundry for free (if you meet our minimum laundry loads). For orders that do not meet our minimums, there may be a small delivery fee attached.

wash-and-foldTypes of Businesses That Love Us!
-Hair Salons
-Beauty Salons
-Medical Centers
-and More!..

We serve all types of businesses in Las Vegas with a reliable commercial wash and fold laundry service..

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Who are you?
We are Thunder Suds LLC of Las Vegas. Our name comes from our location where we do the laundry. It is located near the flight path or airplanes at Nellis Air Force base. We are near North Las Vegas. We offer commercial services to all parts of Las Vegas, including Henderson, Summerlin, Enterprise, downtown and the Las Vegas Strip. We were established over twenty years ago.

thundersudsWhat Commercial Services Do You Provide?
We are a full-service company. We handle all of your wash and fold, dry cleaning, and linen needs. We also can press or iron shirts or uniforms for your business. If you have any specific requests, please let us know.

How Much Do You Charge For Commercial Services?
Our rates will depend on your volume, location, frequency of services, and how long you do business with us. Generally, our services are from $10 per service with drop off or from $39 per service for delivery. Each order is weighed dry, and our price per pound will range from $1.35 to .90 based on volume.

Do You Provide Laundry Bags?
Yes, we can provide laundry bags for your contract. Bags are $7.99 each. We can also use your own bags. Biohazard laundry must be placed in labeled bags.

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