Brady Laundry Services in Las Vegas – Not Good?

There are many options for laundry and linen services in Las Vegas beside Brady Industries.  We offer wash and fold laundry and linen services right here at Thunder Suds.  Free delivery is available.  Small businesses and large businesses, alike, can find there services here.


Brady Linen and Laundry Services of 7055 Lindell Road. Las Vegas, NV 89118 is a popular choice of many seeking a linen service or wash and fold laundry in Las Vegas.  It has a lot of employees and acquired Mission Industries, a large linen service.  Brady Industries claims to offer cleaning supplies and services, paper products, and say that they do over a million pounds of commercial laundry per year (source: SMM Online).

Brady Industries states in their press release marked in 2011 that they have six plants throughout the Las Vegas area.  It looks like they call themselves “the Premiere Cleaning Solutions Company.”  They work on much more than just commercial linen and laundry services.  They provide full service cleaning and even janitorial services.  They seem to separate their linen services which has a separate website then their Brady Industries page.

They say they serve several markets on their website (as cached in 2015) hospitality, restaurant, spa, banquet, uniform, specialty and dry cleaning, and lastly, on-premise laundry.

Other linen services in Las Vegas include Southwest Linen,  Western Linen Services, Superior Linen LV, Apex Linen, and AL Phillips (on a small scale).

Brady Linen Services was established in 2000.  The Las Vegas hospitality market has needed services, like this, since 1947.

Is Brady Laundry Services not good?  I don’t think so.  But, I do know that Thunder Suds LLC provides many of the same laundry services.  The smaller size of the company allows it to provide personalized service without contracts or high prices.  Whether you need linen supplied or you have you own already, Thunder Suds can help you.

​            Customer owned linen cleaned and returned
            Table linens
            Pool towels for all seasons
            All bed covering and curtains
            Customer owned robes and uniforms

Thunder Suds can become your full-service laundry provider.  The form below can help you get started.  It starts with an email or a phone call.  Thunder Suds services the entire Las Vegas metro area.

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